Safety First

Hello, Neighbors… We need to be vigilant in keeping our Island safe.

Please be aware of people who don’t belong here or are driving around slowly, looking at people’s homes.  All of our roads are private roads here on the Island except for Stone Island Road, which is a county road. There should not be strangers fishing on our bridges or at our boat dock areas.

Here are some other helpful ideas…

When you will be gone for a few days, let someone you trust, know you are leaving so they can keep an eye on your place. Report strange cars and license plate numbers to the police.

Have someone bring in empty trash cans and newspapers.

Lock all vehicles at night and close the garage door.

Set your lights on timers in your house when you are gone.

Report ALL incidents of burglary or other crimes to the police at 911 so they

will be aware of things here on the Island. We need to keep our Island safe.


let’s work together for the same goal.